Word of Mouth Word of Mouth is a project curated by KERNEL at the 3rd Athens Biennale. With: Aristide Antonas, Badlands Unlimited presenting Phaedrus Pron by Paul Chan, Yota Ioannidou & Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, Oliver Laric, LuckyPDF, Metahaven, Angelo Plessas, Phrixos, Tank tv, Floater, The Public School in Athens (2011) thewordofmouth.net
THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Athens THE PUBLIC SCHOOL is an alternative and independent educational project that was initiated by Telic Arts Exchange in 2008. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Athens is a first, experimental period for towards the foundation of the Athenian version of TPS. (2011 -) thepublicschoolinathens.net
I I 2011 was a presentation of KERNEL’s ongoing online-library project Index of Potential that took place at XYZ Outlet in Athens as part of a series of one-night events curated by the Athens Biennale curatorial team XYZ. (2011) kernel-platform.com/i-2011
The Residual Character of Commons Research and lecture in the context of KAM Workshops – Value of Garbage (2011) kernel-platform.com/the-residual-character-of-commons
Paradoxically Advancing into the Past Collectively-written essay (2011) kernel-platform.com/paradoxically-advancing-into-the-past
BYOB London BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) is a series of one-night exhibitions where artists are invited to bring their own “beamers” and explore the medium of projection by creating a collaborative happening of moving light, sound and performance. Curated by KERNEL, initiated by Rafaël Rozendaal. (2011) kernel-platform.com/byob-london www.byob-london.tumblr.com
Teach a man to fish: Μια ιστορική διερεύνηση της “συμμετοχής” “Teach a man to fish: Μια ιστορική διερεύνηση της συμμετοχής” is a historical study which explores practices of participation in architectural activity (2010). pegyzali.com/teachamantofish, Download PDF (Greek)
Semi-Structured-Model Semi-Structured-Model is a web platform as artwork designed by KERNEL, archiving content submitted by the participants of the False Project (2010). thefalseproject.com
Hi :) Could you suggest me some cool videos to show in BYOB 2, Athens? This video collection consists of clips submitted by BILLY, procedural, kasari, draniel, dropshadow, Maxwell, humandick, campsh, labcoat, SKadden, Jonathan, hec, NOVI, on internintern.net as answers in response to the ask “Hi :) Could you suggest me some cool videos to show in BYOB 2, Athens?” (2010). internintern.net (Click on “Most Answered”)
Full/Operational/Toolbox The exhibition Full/Operational/Toolbox intends to investigate a range of contemporary artistic practices that negotiate the ways of management and distribution of information in the context of the creative process (Athens 2010). fulloperationaltoolbox.com
Index of Potential The Index of Potential is an open collection of texts and titles that function as practical, educational and inspiring tools related to the ways of distribution, access and management of information as cultural product (and vice-versa) (2010). indexofpotential.net
Contextual Playlist The “Contextual Playlist” is a  KERNEL Version created in the context of the project “The Instructional Capital”. It consists of an online video list dedicated to the ways that the cybernetic vision and the technology of the personal computer changed (and keeps on changing) the educational practices and systems (Athens 2010). youtube.com
The understanding of space through the processes of its production This essay investigates the process of decision-making concerning spacial design and seeks for new methodological tools that can be applied in a catalytic and educational function of architectural practice (2009). issuu.com (Greek)
HUNDLusER HANDLusER is an ongoing project-survey that investigates the relation (or the identification) between the handler and the user in the Internet architectural structure and the equivalence of this relation in physical space (2009). pharmakis.pbworks.compbworks.com, pbworks.com
finally, what are we going to do? The project suggests a research of participative creative models through the blog format (2009). blog, issuu.com (Greek)
Top-Down/Bottom-up This blog represents a collection of architectural projects and practices, theoretical texts and bibliography about designing spaces and territorial situations through participative models (2009 -). top-down-bottom-up.com
Water Girls Water Boys The project explores Athens’ coastal suburb of Phaliron at the mouth of the Kifissos River and the island of Psytalleia with the view to create an open-source tour guide for the area. By Network Nomadic Architecture, Flux Factory, Urban Void and Koharchitects (Athens 2009). falironbay-athens.blogspot.com
KERNEL KERNEL functions as a platform for art research, creation and curation, based on the concepts of modularity and potentiality. kernel-platform.com
version3.0 Design of housing unit for version3.0.  In collaboration with //thatisaworkaround.com (2009 -). thatisaworkaround.com
The Un-Built of Elaionas Nomadic Architecture Network suggests a series of actions in the area of Elaiona in Athens. The theoretical questions that it mainly intends to put forward are: how can architects, given the tools at their disposal, support the un-built? Which are the new conditions of use and habitation of the un-built that are being created? (Athens 2008) nomadikiarxitektoniki.net
Pita, transformable pastry Network Nomadic Architecture proposed the”pita” as a transformable pastry, as an edible object that can represent concepts such as hospitality, exchange and involvement (La Spezia 2008). issuu.com (Italian)
Urban Guide of Hospitality As an indication of hospitality for the foreign populations in Athens a transportable temporary residence for individuals is proposed. In collaboration with Anna Taba-Bogiatzi and Alexandra Theodorou (Athens 2007). vimeo.com, issuu.com, issuu.com, flickr.com
42% 42% proposes a series of interventions in Greek public schools for the accommodation of the election process. In collaboration with Petros Moris (Athens 2007). northeastwestsouth
The Foreign place An essay about the foreign populations, which are being continuously installed in the city of Athens, influencing and often redefining the terms of inhabitation and action in the public and private space. In collaboration with Anna Taba-Bogiatzi (Athens 2007). vimeo.com, issuu.com (Greek)
The contemporary sociopolitical implications of the administration of the archeological heritage How would the city of Athens been shaped if Korinthos had become the capital of Greece? An imaginary design of the museum of Acropolis, a subsequent extension of the museum and an Acropolis’s theme park. In the context of the project Athenscope (Athens 2007). Athenscope
F.M. 90-10 (Field-Manual 90-10) A remap of Gazochori area, in Athens, through the appropriation of military-strategic codes. In collaboration with Petros Moris (Athens 2007). petrosmoris.com (English)
A hymn to the Apolis, to the places in which the citiless live… Network Nomadic Architecture got engaged with communities and places in which the city queers gather. Abstract votive edible sculptures became an exchange item among people. In collaboration with Anna Tsouloufi-Lagiou and Eleni Tzirtzilaki (Athens 2006). nomadikiarxitektoniki.net
An empty plot becomes the motive for a dialogue, construction and activation. Network Nomadic Architecture set up a temporary playground on an empty space in Gazohori area in Athens. The playground was designed and realized after the interlocking of the NNA with the inhabitants’ ideas (Athens 2006). nomadikiarxitektoniki.net
Tavronity’s Bridges Seeing the two bridges as part of an area that extends, encompassing people, places, activities, stories and myths.  In collaboration with Alexadra Theodorou (Chania, Crete 2005). flickr.com
Bag of information and relations of residence Through the collaboration with the children of Gazohori area in Athens we created a board game. The rules of the game result from the mapping of the children’s residence information. In collaboration with Lazari Maura (Athens 2005). picasaweb.google.com
”Yikma dunyam yalvaririm”, I entreat you! Don’t demolish my world Network Nomadic Architecture realized an in-situ research on the site of Gazochori area in Athens, involving the residents for a whole year. The project resulted to an action-celebration (Athens 2005). nomadikiarxitektoniki.net (Greek)